"1920's 2"

The 1920’s Starlet


This look features a take on 1920’s makeup typically worn by actresses. Women of this era replicated this application style because they saw it on TV.


The main focus of this look are dark eyes and small deep red lips that are shaped to a kissable pout. To achieve this, shades of greys and black eyeshadow were applied to the eyelids and crease area. The corners of the eyes are shaded the darkest and the center the lightest.

For the lips, first use a concealer to reduce the size of the lips by carving in the corners. A deep red or wine lip liner should be used to define the lips, the top arches should be emphasized and the outer corners thinned out.

The shape of the eyebrows shown in these pictures are very typical of the time. The eyebrows are thin, dark and overdrawn, creating a downward slope that makes the face appear sad.

Women wore foundation that were much paler than their skin tone and the cheek color was kept soft.


To make this look more modern, match the foundation shade to the skin tone and keep the eyebrows fuller, lighter and neatly arched. Since fuller lips are in, you do not need to thin out the lips. This look would be great for an elegant evening out with the girls or a dinner party. Don’t forget to throw on some pearls on the neck or a glamorous feathered headband .

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