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Split Identity


This look highlights two opposite facets of makeup artistry , beauty and character makeup. In this demo, the model has been transformed to look like a glamorous lead theatrical act on one half of her face and an old witch on the other half.


The beauty makeup was created by enhancing the skin tone, using a neutral pallet for the eyes and choosing a bold lip color.

  • A high definition cream foundation by cinema secrets was used to even out the skin tone.
  • The eyes were shaded using a muted cream eyeshadow on the lids, a taupe crease color and the light cream highlight on the brow bone. To make the eyes stand out on stage, a black liner was applied boldly along the upper and lower lid.
  • The cheek was defined using a muted berry shade on the hollows of the cheeks and a light pink blush on the apples of the cheeks.
  • For the lips, a rich berry colored lip liner was used to create definition and a complementing lipstick was added to finish the look.

The character makeup was created by altering the skin tone to make it look older, dehydrated and worn out and grey color was used to lighten the hair.

  • To change the skin tone, a dark grey based pink foundation shade was used as a shading color to create depth.  To lift areas of the face, a flesh tone color that is two shades lighter than the model’s kin tone was used as a highlight color. Areas around the eyes, the nasal labia and hollows of the cheeks were shaded and the chin, tip of the nose and cheeks were highlighted. To create broken capillaries, a pink based foundation was stippled sparingly on the skin with a small brush.
  • To make the skin tone alterations appear more believable, the hair color was lightened with a temporary hair color by kyolan. The eyebrows were thickened using brow powders and hair color was also applied on the eyebrows and eyelashes.


This demo featured two different looks, the beauty makeup is appropriate for both stage and glamor while the character makeup is good for stage and movies/film.

Makeover By Oby Iyamah


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