Flame Fantasy

Flame Fantasy


This is a fantasy feature inspired by flames and the model’s facial structure. The model has nicely defined facial features that have been played up using heavy contours and highlights. An earth tone color palette was used to create the entire look and to simulate flames.


This demo was particularly interesting mainly because a conscious effort was made to ensure that the entire application was done using only airbrush makeup. The airbrush makeup used were by Camouflage Makeup Art and Kett cosmetics.

  • The skin was evened out using Camouflage water-based airbrush makeup in a shade that matched the model’s complexion.
  • The hollows of the cheeks were contoured using a dark brown airbrush foundation and a highlight color with golden shimmer was applied above the cheek bones.
  • The eyes were lined with white eye pencil and shaded using the same dark brown color applied to the cheeks.
  • A golden highlight color mixed with the model’s foundation shade was sprayed on the lips to create a metallic nude¬† appearance.
  • A white airbrush color was sprayed down the bridge of the nose, while the sides were shaded with black and brown colors.
  • The model’s natural eyebrows were concealed using wax and foundation. To create the flames, black and brown airbrush makeup was spayed over a flame stencil.
  • To finish up the look, extra long and full false eyelashes were applied along the model’s eyelids.


This look is appropriate for carnivals, Halloween or any costume party.

Makeover by Oby Iyamah



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