Dark smokey eyes

Dark smokey eyes


There are several variations of smokey eyes and they mainly differ in the intensity of darkness, the more intense the darkness is, the more dramatic the effect will be. To create smokey eyes, dark shadows are used to frame the eyes.   This look features dark dramatic smokey eyes.


The model’s face was evened out using airbrush foundations by Camouflage Makeup Art (CMA) . Her cheeks were also lightly contoured and blush applied using airbrush.

To replicate the smokey eyes shown, apply a really dark or black eye shadow on the upper lid and blend out towards the crease area. Select a lighter deep shade such as purple or brown and apply it at the crease, softly blending out any harsh lines. Use an eyeshadow shade that is close the the model’s skin tone as a transition color into the brow bone area. Apply a highlight color underneath the brows, on top of the brow bone

Finish the look with nude lipstick or lip gloss, this helps tone down the dramatic effect of the eyes.


This look is perfect for the runway, a night out or celebrations

Makeover by Oby Iyamah

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