Sunset Airbrushed Editorial

Sunset Airbrushed Editorial


This is an editorial photo shoot inspired by this yellow beaded chiffon dress designed by Andrea Iyamah . The goal for this look was to make the model’s skin glow, the makeup is youthful, fresh and perfect for summer.


This look was mainly created using airbrush makeup by Camouflage Makeup Art , the great thing about using airbrush makeup is the amount of flexibility it offers. The foundation can be applied very sheer or layered to derive very full coverage and still look natural unlike other kinds of foundations.

For this look, the emphasis was on the skin, the foundation was applied to full coverage to even out the model’s skin-tone. Various shades of airbrush foundation were used to create highlights and contours on the face and a gold bronzer was used to make the skin appear lit up.

The eyes were kept simple using airbrush makeup, liquid liner, mascara and winged eyelashes. The model’s lips was airbrushed with foundation similar to her skin tone to create a nude appearance.


Great look for summer time on the beach, but if you’ll be playing with water, remember to use a sealant spray or a waterproof spay to increase the longevity of your makeup.

Look created by Oby Iyamah

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