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Classic 1950’s glam




The classic 1950’s makeup is probably one of the most timeless looks ever. It’s bold, sexy, and universally flattering. The most prominent feature of this look is red bold lips which is perfectly complemented by winged out black eyeliner to create a flirty cat-eye effect.  Apply generous amounts of  mascara or add a pair of false lashes for a more dramatic effect. Eyebrows should be kept full and nicely arched.

In order to nail the look, pay attention to your foundation because your skin should look flawless with minimal shine . Use a matte full coverage foundation and mask problem areas with a concealer, finish with a dust of powder. For the cheeks, keep the blush color soft or just use a contour powder underneath the cheekbone to create some depth.


This is certainly not makeup made for the office, it’s perfect for a dinner party. A black elegant dress and a neat updo or shoulder length curled hair will make you look like a 1950s bombshell.

Makeover by Oby Iyamah

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