Makeovers featured here were created by Oby Iyamah, a professional makeup artist, entrepreneur and the founder of this website.


I have always been a makeup lover and collector. As a child, i was always at my mother’s dressing table playing with everything possible, i was mainly drawn to anything colorful. By the time i left her dresser, i looked like a very messy carnival queen…lol. I grew up never letting go of my love for color but i trained myself to learn to use them right.

I have always wanted to be an entrepreneur, so I never hesitated to dabble into anything that gave me that opportunity especially if it supported my passion for makeup. During my undergraduate years as a student of Communications and Sociology at McMaster University, I joined the MaryKay Team as a consultant and sales rep. Those were very useful years that helped develop my skill as a makeup artist and motivated me to pursue a long-term career within the industry. After completing a masters degree in Communications and New Media, i decided it was time to make the big leap.

I actualized my dream of running a makeup line by collaborating with a Canadian brand to create the CMA (Camouflage Makeup Art) line which launched with bright, highly pigmented baked eyeshadow compacts in July 2010. Shortly after the brand launched the first few products, I pursued a diploma in professional makeup artistry at the pro makeup school, Toronto Ontario Canada. Here, I had the privilege of learning from highly skilled makeup artists with a good wealth of experience.

As a trained makeup artist, I am blessed to experience so much fulfillment from altering faces and imparting confidence using tools and techniques.

Oby’s Portfolio:

Neutral Bronze Glow


Evening Glamor, Sunset Airbrushed Editorial

A.I Editorial,   Dark Smokey Eyes

Split Identity, Flame Fantasy

1950’s glam,   1920’s starlet


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